The 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act included additional requirements for both attorneys and debtors approaching bankruptcy. These new requirements place an unprecedented burden on both in terms of financial liability and factual documentation. For the first time in United States law, the Court will presume that a consumer is abusing the system AND that their attorney is assisting them.

Many attorneys practicing consumer bankruptcy are small or solo firms. The additional requirements (legally and prudently) place a heavy burden on their practice and on you. The additional liability and paperwork has caused most attorneys to dramatically increase their fees at the worse possible time for you.

CLIENT AID helps both clients and attorneys by providing an extra layer of support without the extra cost of additional staff.
Working with you, the client, we will help you:

   List and value your personal property;
   Obtain bank and financial account statements;
   Request tax transcripts from the IRS for previous years;
   Obtain a free credit report;
   Assist you in obtaining pay stubs for the previous 6 months from all employers; and
   Find and schedule the mandatory pre-filing credit counseling briefing.

When you hire CLIENT AID we will send you our Bankruptcy Workbook via mail. The Workbook includes disclosures and checklists that will help you provide your attorney with a package that includes the information and supporting documentation necessary to prepare a bankruptcy petition. Once started, we estimate that it will take approximately 7-10 days to complete the process of obtaining and organizing the required documents and information. During that time, you will have almost unlimited support by phone or email to answer any questions you may have on obtaining the necessary information and documentation.

What if you don't have an attorney? We can recommend one to you. In many cases, they have agreed to provide CLIENT AID clients with a discount on their fees.