The Bankruptcy Workbook

After years of preparing petitions from literally hundreds of different types/styles of client questionnaires, including our own, I sat down and created a client workbook that combines the necessary disclosures, checklists and a clear and concise questionnaire for data.

The Workbook is a simple handout to give to clients that minimizes the risk of lost pages, missing documents and forgotten information. The Bankruptcy Workbook is available to Bankruptcy Attorneys in single, multiple or bulk quantities. A customized and unrestricted PDF of The Bankruptcy Workbook can be provided for a one time cost. Volume discounts are available upon request.

To purchase a single copy, visit our branded Amazon page. If you would like to purchase an unrestricted or customized copy, multiple copies, a regular supply or discuss VBA services, contact us here.

Table of Contents

Section 527(a) and 527(b) Disclosures

Section 341 and 342 Notices

List of Documents Necessary

How to obtain a Credit Report

Client Questionnaire

33 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", Color trade cover

Download a Review Copy

* Note: Did you know that printing a client questionnaire on a standard inkjet printer along with all the disclosures and notices could take 30-40 pages depending on how dense the client questionnaire is? And that the average inkjet ink cartridge, at $24.00 each, only prints about 200 pages? You could be spending almost $4.80 just on ink alone. Considering staff time, wear/tear on equipment and paper costs that questionnaire downloaded from the Web doesn't look so free anymore.