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Cost: $50
Includes unlimited phone
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(Note: Seethuma is the business name)

CLIENT AID offers clients the assistance to prepare the necessary documentation and information in a less stressful and more supportive way. Clients that are prepared and well organized reduce costs making it a win-win for both parties.

The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act dramatically changed the requirements and responsibilities of both debtors and attorneys approaching bankruptcy.

Increased Documentation

The law requires that additional documentation be provided by a debtor. A partial list:

   Income tax returns or transcripts from the prior 3 years;
   Pay stubs for the previous 6 months from all employers;
   Comprehensive list of personal property with valuations.

Obtaining these documents and information can be a difficult, time consuming and in some cases, costly process for both attorney and client. By using CLIENT AID, attorneys get the benefit of extra staff without the additional cost. Clients benefit from the increased attention and support CLIENT AID can provide.

Information Verification

Attorneys have long recognized the need to carefully review information provided by clients when preparing bankruptcy petitions. The law adds new emphasis to this process. Attorneys will now be liable for unlimited amounts if clients misrepresent their financial condition or the value of their assets. Attorneys must make a "reasonable" inquiry into the circumstances leading up to a bankruptcy filing.

Much of the additional documentation required will assist attorneys to ensure the information provided in a bankruptcy petition is accurate, but a pro-active approach to some information will be prudent. CLIENT AID will assist attorneys and their clients to obtain:

   Auto and Real Estate Valuations;
   Documentation on liens;
   A Credit Report.

Expenses and Income

In additional to the court required documentation, additional items that will verify both the expenses and the income of clients are also being asked for in some districts.

   Utility bills for the previous 3-6 months;
   Credit card and loan statements from the previous six months;
   Financial account (bank and brokerage) statements for the previous six months.

Client Questionnaire

Many attorneys provide a handful of papers to clients that include disclosures and questions to fill out detailing the information needed to prepare a petition. CLIENT AID provides a Bankruptcy Workbook with disclosures, checklists and space for all the information necessary to prepare the petition.

Credit Counseling

The law requires that all clients obtain a credit counseling "briefing" prior to filing a petition AND attend credit counseling courses prior to receiving a discharge. CLIENT AID will assist clients in scheduling and obtaining the required documentation for the pre-filing briefing.