Where I Am From

I am from my curious dogs,
Gracie and Chow
I am from many stacks of
messy letters on table tops.
I am from the blooming magenta tree,
and the many yellow tennis balls
sprawled around our backyard
I am from the hidden chirping crickets
in the dark-green, patchy grass

I am from tall-standing basketball hoops
simply sitting in the neighbors sidewalks
I am from smooth, silent cars
cruising by in the dark

I am from uncle Billy, and Steve,
aunt Ann, Elizabeth, Lizabeth and Bunny
I am from my teenage cousins Tara, Kevin,
Jimmy, Deanna, Michelle and Ashley
and the other cousins Chris,
Christene, Jennifer, and Jeannette
I am from Grandma and Grandpa Coyle
and Grandpa Cazel the golfer

I am from "go to bed", "off like a heard
of turtles" and "lets blow this popsicle stand"
I am from home made mashed potatoes,
cranberries and turkey
the warm, yummy rolls set in the
thin plastic bowl
I am from big brown boxes
stuffed with all my old toys
I am from blue storage
tubs full of large printed books

I am from lots of laughs,
a whole bunch of joy
and a world of love