Here it is. The baseline by which all others are compared. If you are informed, educated (not necessarily college so), and committed to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, then I think you will agree with 90% of what follows. And the other 10% are well within the realm of negotiation. There is a fundamental premise: The individual is sovereign. That infers personal responsibility. Go ahead, tear it up...but ya better have something GOOD in response...

Individual Rights

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Our rights are inherent in our existence. Whether you believe they are granted by a Creator or we born with them, they are not the grant of any document or government. Our rights are subject to ONLY these structural limits: our reach and the extent of every other individual's rights.

"To assert our rights we assume certain unalienable responsibilities, among these are to defend ourselves and our families, to provide for our needs, and to ensure the future for the generations to come."

The defense of our rights, our selves, our families, our homes and our country is first and foremost OUR responsibility. Authority granted to police and government supplements but does not replace, nor absolve us of, this responsibility.

Providing the needs of ourselves and our families is our responsibility. Assistance to those in need or unable to provide for themselves is an obligation not of government, but of each of us and our communities. Government does not determine the level of need nor is it subject to some formula.

We decide the future and it is our choices that determine the course of this country. The ship of State is under our control, we are not subservient passengers or mindless cargo to be directed where others deem best for us.

Limited Government

Every law is an infringement upon a right and we demand STRICT consideration before any such law is enacted. Our Constitution was created to establish government to protect our rights, not to dictate our actions. The establishment of government included strict limitations upon its authority to act in our stead and actions that exceed that authority are not recognized as a legitimate exercise of power. The Constitution is a document between governments, not between governments and individuals. It is the responsibility of States to reassert their authority over their borders and lands and to relegate the Federal Government to its Constitutional limits.

Related Policies
The Federal Government is not the lender of last resort for the economy, nor the provider of services to individuals or businesses. The Federal Government shall divest itself of loan portfolios and end programs such as Obamacare and Medicare.

States are the rightful place for the interaction between citizen and government. To the extent government provides individual services it should be done at the local and State levels. Medicare cost shifting has led to extensive market distortions and significantly higher costs than necessary. The Federal Government can not mandate programs or services be provided at the State level.

States need to reassert their sovereignty and reassume their responsibilities to their citizens. Land within the borders of States belong to the States and with the exception of Federal Parks, should be controlled by the States.


Federal spending is out of control and must be restricted. The law requires the Federal Government pass a budget for the following fiscal year prior to its start. It is not the purpose of the Federal Government to fix what is not working in our society. The Federal Government is not purveyor of last resort; its functions are limited and specific to those enumerated in the Constitution.

Related Policies
A budget must be passed into law prior to the beginning of the Fiscal Year. Failure to do so requires a shut-down of ALL government services and functions (EXCEPT national defense) until such time as a budget is agreed to and enacted. All government programs must annually justify their entire budget - there is no 'baseline'. Due to the size of the National Debt, the government must run a surplus for many years, therefore, spending must be limited to less than the tax revenues generated. An amendment preventing deficit spending should be offered.


Taxation is not an instrument of social engineering. The divisive use of class warfare and the deceit of 'fair share' to enact tax rates rife with inequality must stop. Taxation is to be applied broadly and equally. Taxes must represent the needs of government not the activities of the People.

Related Policies
A flat tax on all income and capital gains with no exemptions other than a per person exemption should be enacted. Excise or 'fair use' taxes must be spent specifically on the services provided (ie, fuel taxes on highway maintenance). Eliminate business and estate taxes.


The defense of our rights, our selves, our families, our homes and our country is first and foremost OUR responsibility. A strong defense makes a strong offense less necessary. This is the primary authority of the Federal Government - to provide defense of our nation and our interests. An inability or unwillingness to do so will increase the threats around the world.

Related Policies
We have maintained troops on foreign soil for too long. Other countries have abdicated their own defense and shifted the cost burden onto the United States. It is time to bring them home. Limited presence in key places allowing for rapid deployment of forces should be maintained (Thule Greenland, Diego Garcia, Okinawa Japan). Our presence in Korea must be maintained. Removal of troops from Europe is long overdue.

In order to 'save' money, Congress and the DOD embarked on a plan to replace military service members with civilian contractors in non-combat related positions. This 'civilian-ization' of the military has been a failed experiment and we seek to return to fully staffed and functioning military with military members.


This country was built by the blood, sweat and tears of immigrants. The Melting Pot was heated with the effort of millions of people first working to provide for themselves and to build a nation for their children and future generations. We stand with and embrace the millions that wish to come to the United States and add their effort and dreams to the cornucopia of America's gifts. But this country is also built on a rule of law and illegal entry to this country violates that standard. We can not reward the lawbreaker.

Related Policies
Immigrants to this country must be known and approved prior to their arrival. Illegal immigration is an illegal act - a violation of our laws and can not be rewarded. Those currently here illegally can be provided a process that includes punishment (fines) to obtain legal status if they present themselves to authorities for that purpose. Legal status can not be or lead to citizenship. People found to be here illegally due to administrative or criminal investigations are to be deported. Children born in the United States to illegal immigrants are not citizens of the United States.

Foreign Policy

The United States has made commitments to support and defend allies throughout the world and we will continue to do so. Our first responsibility is to protect our security interests. Support of our allies is not an open checkbook to providing the security costs countries should be bearing themselves. Our support and defense of our allies does not give the United States license to interfere in their sovereign choices.

While we support the efforts of indigenous peoples to claim their individual liberties and we stand ready to assist when ready, we will make no direct efforts on their behalf. While we do not support democracy we do support the individual liberty of peoples to choose their own form of government. We are not the world's policemen, nor are we the world's rich uncle.

Related Policies
It is not our place in the world to fix other countries. Nor is it our place to support other countries. Foreign Aid to non-allies, no matter how friendly we want to be with them or they with us is an inappropriate waste of resources we can not afford. The United Nations and other 'World' organizations have created more harm than good and we should withdraw from them. Providing assistance and comfort in times of disaster is a humanitarian response of the American People, not a Federal Government responsibility or purpose. How other countries function and how their people live is not our responsibility unless it becomes a threat to our national interests.

Social Issues

Are not the purview of the Federal Government but of the people and the States. Madison said we needed a moral people because government could not provide moral leadership, but we let government try, and it has failed. The Constitution guarantees the citizens of the States a representative government and protection of their inalienable rights. Those rights are neither enumerated nor finite.

Related Policies
Marriage is a fundamental institution that creates and cements the family relationship and it should be encouraged and revered whenever possible. Sacraments are the purview of the appropriate religions and there is no authority, power or reason for the federal government to suggest, dictate or demand any religion act contrary to its own beliefs. Further, marriage is a State issue and should not be legislated in any way at the Federal level.

Social Welfare

Providing for ourselves and the needs of our families is our responsibility. Assistance to those in need or unable to provide for themselves is an obligation not of government, but of each of us and our communities. It is not the purpose of the Federal Government to provide for the welfare of the citizen, citizens, communities or States.

Related Policies
Entitlement programs are not the purpose of the Federal Government nor the intent of the 'general welfare' clause. To the extent citizens want to maintain the programs, they should be based and administered at the State level.