A Proposal for Overnight Shelters for the Homeless

Many programs to address homelessness begin with the premise that it should be a permanent solution for
those it helps. The programs want to take someone from the streets and put them in a stable housing
situation that can be maintained by the person helped going forward. I don't oppose those programs. My
problem is that the process is long, it helps far fewer than need it and it often has to address significant
issues in the homeless person's life before any permanence is possible.

While waiting for their turn, if they even know such a thing is possible, the homeless are left to find a place
to sleep every night with little or no resources. Many become ill and end up in hospitals that treat and
release them back into the environment. Others are raped, beaten and what few belongings they had are stolen.

Sleep depravation is considered torture by many and yet we leave tens of thousands of people on the street
every night in situations that would be war crimes if the military were involved. They are not, we are
and the problem can't be addressed fast enough. Spend time on the streets and you will meet hundreds of
teens and young adults waiting to fill shelters used by people that are supposed to be living in their
golden years.

SOFA (shelter overnight for anyone) does not address homelessness, it does not solve the issues that puts
people on the streets. It provides a dry, warm and safe environment for people to get a good night's sleep.

Whether as a single unit in a Church or business extended parking areas, or in large groups with
supervision, the units are designed with a three year useful life and 80+% occupancy rate over that time,
the overall cost is less than $2 per day per person. This is not a solution to homelessness, this is an
attempt to mitigate some of the individual damage homelessness does each day.

For costs, delivery schedules or to offer support/donations, contact:

Tracy Coyle
7709 North Ave, #312
Lemon Grove, CA 91945
(858) 780-6614