Container Homes

Designs for living spaces inside used shipping containers abound. Cost is a major factor, but so is
simplicity. Most are designed with off-grid utilities in mind, but set upon a slab, designs include standard
municipal hook-ups. These were designed with a general proof-of-concept intent. How much time/money would
it take to build out a container or set of containers? My estimate is less than $50/sq.

Container 1x20

Sleeps 1-2, 180 sq ft;
Container 2x20

Sleeps 1-2, 375 sq ft;
Container 4x20 Long

Sleeps upto 4, 720 sq ft;
Container 4x20 Square

Sleeps upto 4, 784 sq ft;
Studio style, Murphy bed, bath area, desk area Open floor plan with one bedroom area, bath area, wood stove Two bedroom, 2 bathrooms, family room, wood stove Two bedroom, 1 bathroom, center atrium, wood stove